Nordic quiz


Nordic authors:

1. Who wrote the book about Moomin and his friends?

a)      H.C. Andersen

b)      Tove Jansson

c)      Inger Hagerup


2. Who wrote the book about the strongest girl in the world, Pippi Longstocking?

a)      Astrid Lindgren

b)      Maria Parr

c)      Gunilla Bergström


3. Who wrote the book about the three robbers in Cardamom Town?

a)      Elsa Beskow

b)      Thorbjørn Egner

c)      Håkon Øvreås


Nordic children's books:


4. What are the names of Pippi Longstocking's two best friends?

a)      Tommy and Annika

b)      Peter and Julie

c)      Albert and Stine


5. What's the name of the little girl in a red dress who lives with the Moomin family, and whose hair is always in a small bun?

a)      Little My

b)      Snork Maiden

c)      Too-Ticky 


6. What are the names of the two trolls who live in Jens' mouth?

a)      Knøtta and Brune

b)      Karl and Brage

c)      Karius and Bactus


7. Into which bird does 'The Ugly Duckling' transform?

a)      An eagle

b)      A swan

c)      A crow


The Nordic countries:


8. In which Nordic country are there active volcanoes?

a)      Iceland

b)      The Faroe Islands

c)      Norway


9. In which Nordic countries do the Sami live? 

a)      Sweden, Norway and Finland

b)      Denmark, Iceland and Greenland

c)      Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands 


10. Which Nordic country has the highest population?

a)      Norway

b)      Iceland

c)      Sweden


11. Where is the tallest Nordic mountain? 

a)      Greenland

b)      Iceland

c)      Norway


12. In which Nordic country do they eat the most candy?

a)      Denmark

b)      Åland Islands

c)      Finland


Nordic flags: 

13. Which countries do these flags belong to?


a) Dansk Flagg    b) Grønlandskflagg    c) Islandskflagg 

d) Norskflagg    e) Svenskflagg    f) Flag _of _Åland .svg

g) Finskflag    h) Samisk Flagg    i) Færøsk Flag



Hvalba -suduroy

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1. b) Tove Jansson
2. a) Astrid Lindgren
3. b) Thorbjørn Egner
4. a) Tommy and Annika
5. a) Little My
6. c) Karius and Bactus
7. b) A swan
8. a) Iceland
9. a) Sweden, Norway and Finland
10. c) Sweden
11. c) Galdhøpiggen in Norway
12. c) Finland
13. a) Denmark b) Greenland c) Iceland d) Norway e) Sweden f) Åland Islands g) Finland h) Sami i) Faroe Islands