This year's literature


This year's reading books sparkle with life and ask big questions about life and death, privileges, rights, and responsibilities in the world. The books describe human characteristics that both unite us and, at the same time, separate us from each other and making us individuals. All the chosen read-aloud books this year have won a Nordic Council Literature Prize. We hope that the books will generate engagement amongst their audience and inspire organizers to carry out further activities in connection to the read-aloud events. 


The reading session for children and young people, Morning dawn, is held at 9am. For the adults, the reading session, Evening dusk, is arranged in the evening at 7pm. The time can of course be adjusted as needed.

Before the Nordic Literature Week starts, the extracts chosen for the read aloud from the three books will be made available on the website for registered institutions in all the Nordic languages and English. The extracts are made for an estimated reading session of 30 minutes.


Click on the book covers to read more about this year's books.



      Morning dawn

      Morning dawn


      Evening dusk


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